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The totally phat sightseeing

Ne ever visited city in an hour? So what is available only on sightrunning. Halle is especially severe because of the beautiful diva "on a slope" is uphill, downhill and in between, there are also local history to learn to catch remains there for the guests still some time, only the Running Guide must (can) work if the visitors in runningshoes  insert a small stop to learn about marketplace, Moritzburg, University, Francke Foundation, Cardinal Albrecht, Martin Luther, George Frideric Handel and more. 

Welcome to jogging and sightseeing - learn Halle know in an hour - there is nothing quicker.

The courtyard of the Moritzburg with MoMA of Saxony-Anhalt.

                                      Beautiful city views and a lush green river landscape await you here. There is no better way to Halle on the Saale know, as a guided run through the city. The unforgettable Halle-run-experience with your friendly and knowledgeable guide, your Sightrunning-Halle-tour-guide, includes also:

  • 5-minute stretching under supervision,
  • digital photos of the course emailed to you,
  • a five-euro coupon from Runners Point Halle
  • and something where you can bite into with relish - a real Handel chocolate from the Halloren chocolate factory Halle, Germany's oldest chocolate factory.

Sightrunning Halle costs only 12 € per person in a 4er group for a 1-hour-tour (nearly 4.5 miles). All prices can be found here. You choose the speed and location! Customized tours are available.

By taking part of a tour you agree that Sightrunning Halle is allowed to use the photos at their website without further notice. Taking part in a Sightrunning tour is for your own risk and Sightrunning Halle can't be hold responsible in any way.